Dual Use: Making Things Harder

running, running, run. a puff, some words done No breaking needed! Some might claim the jury is still out on whether vaping is actually safer than cigarettes, and while it may be misguided, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on things. What I know, with some certainty, is that ...
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Zizek and Maine’s HP 670

This is actually a reference to the CASAA call to action for Maine regarding Maine's HP 670, but it does make an important point. What we have been seeing more and more, especially with the general nature of "equivalency" applied to e-cigs and combustion (analog) cigarettes in places like ...
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Research: Vape More to Quit

From the UK, via The Guardian, comes the story of how researchers came to the conclusion that if you're trying to quit smoking by vaping, you need to vape on the daily. Do it more, in other words, or it won't work. Prof Ann McNeill of King’s College London’s ...
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Hypocrisy in Indiana

With its work on HB 1432, adamantly so desperately concerned about public safety and the safety of teens, Indiana's state apparatus seems remarkably absent when it comes to oversight and regulation in other areas. Areas, for example, like stages at high schools, or fairgrounds, which are prone to collapsing and ...
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VaporFi Boom

VaporFi Boom Review

Far from being a traditional hookah (whatever we mean by “tradition” here), the VaporFi Boom Hookah is more than a standard vaporizer. It's not exactly cut out for battery life, although it does pretty well. The handy thing about the ...
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Apollo eGo Box Kit Review

An Evod clearomizer, 2000 mAh battery, plus charger, is the Apollo eGo Box Kit. The thrifty little bundle comes priced comfortably at $29.95. This is a box mod “style” kit, without any oLed display or voltage/wattage power adjustments. You push ...
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Apollo Valiant Kit Review

A couple big deal bonuses about the Apollo Valiant are the fact you have now extended your options, and you can use a real “glassomizer” out of the box as opposed to those plastic tanks (boo). Most eGo situations are ...
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V2 Buy One Get One Free Cartridges

V2 Buy-One-Get-One Free Cartridges

V2's sale pages presents two options on buy-one-get-one free cartridges for their e-cigs. 5-pack for $9.95 -- or, should we say, a 10 pack for $9.95. If you have a device ready to use V2 Flavor Cartridges, take a look ...
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Video: VaporFi VOX ii Box Mod

A helpful introduction to the new, and available VOX II from VaporFi. Long awaited, and finally here, the VOX II comes with some new features that this video helps explain. Check it out, and see what you think. This is ...
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VaporFi VOX II MOD Starter Kit

In VaporFi's own words: Perfected with the vape enthusiast in mind, expect a rare combination of 50 watts of power (adjustable from 7w to 50 w), a stunning OLED digital screen, auto ohm resistance meter and reverse battery protection (among ...
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VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer

 In VaporFi's own words: The Orbit vaporizer is designed with a very advanced heating chamber, which is easy to open and easy to fill, so very little will hold you back from achieving total satisfaction. This is the future of ...
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Create Your Own Vape Juice!

Custom blends are available through VaporFi and their VapeTender service, and provide for a creative approach to a unique experience. Mix something up and surprise yourself (and others). Build your own 30ml of custom flavor for $15.99 In VaporFi's own ...
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VaporFi Rocket

VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

In VaporFi's own words Incredible levels of power and technology collide to create a vaporizer that offers variable voltage, impeccable design, and a airflow tank created for the pickiest of connoisseurs. Kit includes
  • 1 1600 mAh Rocket Variable Battery
  • ...
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VaporFi Boom

VaporFi Boom Vapor Hookah Starter Kit

In VaporFi's own words Bring the Hookah Bar with you wherever you go with the easily portable Boom Hookah. Ready to get the party started? Let’s go! The Boom Starter Kit features a boatload of power and will definitely blast ...
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V2 EX Blanks for Wax

In V2’s own words Pair your favorite wax, oil, gel or similar concentrate with the top-rated blank on the market. The EX Blank for Wax combines the capabilities of a personal vaporizer with the convenience of a microcig, delivering unparalleled ...
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